Hans Ranum


I've been working as a professional in the Animation/Design industry since 2000. I graduated from The Animation Workshop in Viborg (Denmark), a leading animation school with all topnotch teachers (Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks etc). On the day of my graduation, I landed my first job as a BG lay-outer and assistant animator, at a London based studio. Since then, I have worked on three feature films, five DVD films, eight short films, two music videos, three animated TV series and 75+ wall mural layouts and themed environment designs. Having held many different positions, at studios in Denmark, England and the U.S.A. I've gained a well rounded understanding of the full production of animated films and entertainment. I'm extremely passionate about my work, I work well under pressure, never miss a deadline and I'm a good team player. My mission is to always surround myself with people I can learn from and hopefully inspire as well. I am always seeking new challenges, so please don't hesitate to contact me for further info. Resume and references are available upon request. Thanks for stopping by.